Polyphasic Sleep

What is polyphasic sleep?
It’s actually pretty simple. Instead of sleeping only once in a 24 hour rhythm (monophasic) a polyphasic sleep pattern will split it into at least three parts. A second nap during the noon is also known as biphasic sleep which is also widely common.

Different polyphasic sleep patterns
There are existing more than just one polyphasic sleep schedule. The following figures will show the most common ones:

  • Everyman
    There existing multiple Everyman schedules (eg. 2, 3, 4 or 5 naps with different core sleeping periods). Depending on the chosen schedule it will be possible to sleep only about 4 hours. In differ to the other two schedules it comes with a core sleeping time.
  • Dymaxion
    Has 4 naps with 30 minutes which makes it 2 hours in total.
  • Uberman
    6 naps in total with 20 minutes which makes it also to 2 hours in total.

I will not cover more details here because there are already pages with additional information (eg: Wikipedia, PolyphasicSociety).