Tests – second day E3

I did some test runs after my core sleep and compared them to the previously generated ones. The results are not what I expected because I felt tired during them. However, here are the results:

  • Memory (level medium, mean result, [errors – the less the better]):
    previous :         122
    first day:           124
    second day:      116
  • Calculation (addition, mean result, [correct / incorrect]):
    previous:          61 / 10
    second day:      61 / 6
  • Calculation (subtraction, mean result, [correct / incorrect]):
    previous:          33 / 8
    second day:      54 / 0

The memory game is an average value from 6 games in which every move is counted as a point when it was not necessary to perform it. This huge enhancement can be a result of lucky circumstances. However, it is by far the best achievement I made.

The calculation game is more time intense. It starts with 1 minute counting to zero. Every time a question was correct you will earn some more time, if it’s wrong you wont. I had to really focus on the game to accomplishes it which in fact is the reason why I didn’t done it on the first day of E3. As the additions stays nearly the same, the subtractions got a huge improvement here. I don’t know why exactly, but it could benefit from practicing it again (even if its only done once).