Third Day – Unusual Schedule

Getting up was fine. The core was pretty OK and I felt good afterwards. My third nap was a little bit unusual scheduled because I worked with another man on something together where I couldn’t leave. However, all naps were fine today!

I have some troubles to fall asleep on my naps. This haven’t anything to do with falling asleep but I often have some twitches which brings me back to the state at the very beginning. But overall I am very happy with my naps!

Phase          Time                          Rate
Core             0:05 – 3 :15 am           3.5
Nap 1           5:30 –  5:50 am           3
Nap 2           1:40 –  2:00 pm           3
Nap 3           9:50 – 10:10 pm          3

Day 35 to 40 – Getting Fit Again

After waking up from the core on day 35 I knew that I am getting ill. I tried to sleep some more after the core but was only dozing. After having breakfast and the first nap my nose began to run and I really felt done. I skipped lunch and had another nap which first wasn’t that promising because I had troubles to breath through my nose. But it seems that I was really tired and therefore I felt asleep in a few minutes breathing through my mouth. After some more hours I was traveling home and just wanted to get rid of my headache and some more sleep.

At home I was hopping onto the couch and started dozing after taking some medicine. The next days I mostly was sleeping the hole day. I was completely done. Sleeping that much wasn’t a problem at all and I also forced it when I was longer awake than 2 hours. I hoped to get well sooner if I would just sleep more. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Now its day 40 and I still have some headache and a running nose but feeling much better than the last days. Because of the excessive sleep I didn’t used the E3 schedule. I just slept as much as possible. However, I wanted to nap three times today to get again back into the usual cycle.
Nap one was just dozing because I slept the whole night. At the end of the second nap I slept a little but not longer as five minutes. I skipped the last nap after 5 minutes as I just wasn’t tired at all and couldn’t sleep anyway.

I really hope that I can adopt to E3 again without the troubles from the first week!

Day 22 – Was my alarm ringing?

The plan was to sleep 3 hours and 15 minutes to test if I would feel more refreshed. So I set up my alarm and go to bed at 12 pm. I don’t know how but I didn’t hear any alarm ringing at 3:15 am, neither did my girlfriend. However, I woke up am by myself at 5:30 and was feeling refreshed and fit. I stood up and decided to skip the first nap today. This sleep gets 4 points straight.

Actually, its just one nap today. The core already took 5 hours and 30 minutes and I didn’t feel like I need much more sleep. I took it at 1:50 pm and it was refreshing. After this I didn’t felt tired until the late evening. I rated it with 4 points.

Day 20 – First Dream

For the first time after twenty days of Everyman I remember that I was dreaming. The reason for this is simple. I changed the core duration of my sleep schedule to 3.5 hours instead of 3 which was too much and I was again in a REM phase. This was also the reason why it was really hard getting up today. I rated it with a 2.5.
However I will decrease this again to 3 hours and 15 minutes. Which may is again too much but lets test it! I still wondering why 3 hours all of a sudden are harder to deal with compared to my second week. Maybe my body somehow optimized it or I simply falling earlier asleep which theoretically would mean I have to decrease the 3 hours. But before I will try this I will definitely go for additional minutes. On the other hand it could also mean that I cant get along with this sleep schedule the hole time. Lets see how the next days will illuminate me!

The first one was at 6:40 am and I was happy to have it. I felt tired and falling asleep very soon. After a deep sleep I fall back into a light sleep and I felt that I could now just awake before the alarm was ringing. However, I was not willing to do so and I tried to get some more sleep. But almost the same time the alarm was ringing and I stood up. Next time I will try to just get up when I think its time for because every time this happens I was feeling pretty refreshed afterwards. The nap gets a 3.
I was in another office today where I have a couch but I forgot to bring my pillow with me. Sleeping without it was OK but not as comfortable as with it. I took this nap later than usual because I was absorbed with some work. Anyhow, I napped at 1:50 pm and felt asleep quickly. This time my sleep was deeper and only my alarm was waking me up. I felt good afterwards so I rate it with a 4.
The last nap was at 7:20 pm. I was alone at home so I decided to nap without earphones. Unfortunately, this didn’t work as expected. I was just dozing the whole 20 minutes and I wasn’t that refreshed afterwards. 2 points.

Day 3 – wake up!

Getting up after my third core sleep was definitely the hardest so far. At least my headache is gone and after a hour of walking I finally feel fresh. During my walk I was thinking about to make my sleeping schedules a little bit more flexible. The reason for this is simple, I observed that my tiredness coming in a certain rhythm. Why shouldn’t I use this to fall asleep even faster? Right before this core sleep began, I was so tired that I almost felt asleep on the couch. About 30 minutes later, where the cycle began, I wasn’t that tired anymore and it took me longer to fall asleep again (about 15 minutes). The very same behavior applies to naps. So why not using those times of tiredness to begin a sleep?

According to this, I will make my schedule a little bit more flexible and use my tiredness as an indicator to determine when I will start my sleep phases. I also need some kind of an upper limit where I will sleep anyway, to avoid bypassing a whole sleep phase.