Day 4 – Just two Naps

Today was a pretty tough day. I had an appointment with some friends which lasts the whole day. I couldn’t get some minutes out for my second nap so I had to quit it. However, I didn’t felt tired because I had quite some work to do but after my usual third nap (which actually was my second) I really felt tired. That wasn’t directly after the nap but 2 hour afterwards. I also drank 1/2l beer and one Jägermeister but I don’t think this is the reason for my tiredness.

Phase          Time                            Rate
Core             0:00 – 3 :15 am           3
Nap 1           5:30 –  5:50 am           3
Nap 2           –
Nap 3           6:30 – 6:50 pm            2

Third Day – Unusual Schedule

Getting up was fine. The core was pretty OK and I felt good afterwards. My third nap was a little bit unusual scheduled because I worked with another man on something together where I couldn’t leave. However, all naps were fine today!

I have some troubles to fall asleep on my naps. This haven’t anything to do with falling asleep but I often have some twitches which brings me back to the state at the very beginning. But overall I am very happy with my naps!

Phase          Time                          Rate
Core             0:05 – 3 :15 am           3.5
Nap 1           5:30 –  5:50 am           3
Nap 2           1:40 –  2:00 pm           3
Nap 3           9:50 – 10:10 pm          3

Return to E3

After 3 weeks I finally came back to the E3 schedule. But why did I quit at all? Well, I was tired since a couple of days and my health wasn’t good. Because of that and the fact that I face 2 weeks of hard physical work to help my brother building a house made the decision easier.  However it was never my intend to quit forever. I just wanted to work and get well.
The first week was very hard for me because I really felt sick. Although I was always very tired when I went to bed I awake the first days around 3 to 4 am. But I stayed in bed and continue sleeping. After the second week I slept through. The third week was actually reserved for recovery.
I can’t describe how it felt to drink coffee again. I enjoyed it very much! It was also interesting how it effected me. Half of a cup already pushed me so hard that I was fully awake a few hours. But this got less and less each day until it reaches a normal level.

My first day back
I was excited to restart it again! Especially after the third week where I really felt more and more tired because I just slept too long. Sounds weird but if you did not try E3 you can’t imagine how awake you can be!
I started with my usual schedule which includes the core sleep from 0:00 to 3:15 am. Although I had no troubles to fall asleep the whole 3 weeks off, I struggled today. I think it was because I really felt exited and this really makes it hard for me to fall asleep. I can’t say how long it really took me to fall asleep but it was at least 30 minutes. The sleep was deep and refreshing. Getting up wasn’t hard and I felt good so I started to read a book. After some time I worked on a side project on my computer. It wasn’t hard to stay concentrated.
My first nap was at 5:45 am because I wanted it to be right before the sunrise. This nap was OK. I couldn’t fall asleep but I was dozing and I felt refreshed afterwards.
The second and third nap were at work. Both times I managed it to fall asleep and I felt refreshed! I scheduled them on 1:45 pm and 6:45 pm.

Day 50 – Just Tired

I met some friends on day 49 and we were out until 3 am. I was feeling good until I had to drive home. My throat was aching again and I only wanted to go to bed. After 3 hours my alarm was ringing and I got up. It wasn’t easy because I really felt tired. 2 points for this pretty late sleep.

I took the first nap pretty late at 10:00 am. I was mostly just dozing because I wasn’t tired at this time. I think that was because of the sun outside which was really shinny today. Just 2 points.
Right before the lunch I napped at 1:50 pm. It was somehow improved because I got already late for an appointment and I slept in a strange position on the couch. However, I got some sleep and felt refreshed. 2.5 points for this one.
Later that day I met up with a friend and I totally forgot to go for my third nap. I felt really tired at about 9 pm and after some more time I slept on his couch for 20 minutes. I was almost instantly asleep and after the alarm I was totally distracted and need some time to get fully awake. Afterwards on the couch I was so tired that I felt a few times asleep during some game play. Just 1 point for this one.

Day 49

Because of the bad naps I decided to go to bed a little bit earlier than usual. It was 11:15 pm and I easily felt asleep. At least falling asleep seems to work pretty well the last days! The alarm was at 3:45 am and I woke up, turned off the alarm and felt into a kind of deep dozing again. After one hour I woke up and stood up. I am a little bit disappointed that I have so much trouble to get up when the alarm rings. I am not sure how to make this work better again. Maybe 4.5 hours doesn’t work out as well. The sleep was good but I doesn’t feel very refreshed, 3 points out of 5.

Although I was sleeping quite a lot today I start my first nap at 5:40 am. I just needed some minutes to fall asleep and after the alarm I was still dozy but after some minutes I felt refreshed and good. 3 points for this nap.
The next nap was at work after the lunch at 2:10 pm. It was quite refreshing, 3 points for this one.
Because of an appointment I have to take the last nap earlier at 6:10 pm. It wasn’t that refreshing because I was a little bit in a hurry and after 12 minutes I woke up. 2 points.

Day 48

I went to bed at 12:30 pm. This time I slept 4.5 hours to get fit again. After the alarm I was quickly awake. My first thought was that my guess with 4.5 hours was correct and I hit the spot where it is easy to get up. However, my body felt so tired that it was hard to move. I didn’t ever had such a strange feeling. I decided to keep on laying in the bed to give my body additional rest but was awake the whole time until 7:00 am. 2 points for this core.

My first nap was shortly after getting up at 7:40 am. I felt better after the nap but still was tired. 2.5 points for this nap.
The next nap was at 11:00 am. I took it a earlier than usual because of an appointment. The nap was deep but not very refreshing. 2.5 points.
Between my appointments I decided to take a short nap in the car. It wasn’t very comfortable and so I woke up after 10 minutes of dozing. 1.5 points for that try.
My last one was at 7:20 pm at home. I quickly felt asleep and after the alarm I was still very tired. Just 2 points for that.

Although I was pretty tired the whole day I feel that my cold is getting better. I hope that I get fully recovered soon and can resume with the usual E3 schedule.

Day 47

Well it happened again! I quitted my alarm and slept until 6:00 am without knowing anything about it. Why does this happen? I think there are two reasons for this. Obviously, the first is that I am still not fit. I feel that everything is exhausting and I am really tired in the evening. The second possible reason is that I ate some sweets at about 11:00 pm which was dropping my blood sugar level in the morning and doesn’t help to get up. In the end it may was a mix of both which brings me to a solution. No sweets at this time and increase my core sleep until I get fit again! 4:30 hours should be fine for that purpose as I often woke up by myself after an additional 90 minutes.

I took the first nap at 7:00 am. It is pretty close to the core but as I am still tired it was a good idea. After it I felt better and was ready to drive to work. 3 points.
After lunch I wanted to sleep right away but unfortunately I have to fix something for my college and I forgot about time. I took this nap at 3:00 pm. It wasn’t that refreshing and I felt tired afterwards. Just 1.5 points.
The third nap was also at work. Surprisingly I wasn’t that tired so I tested to nap at the table. I took my pillow and just lay my head onto it. It wasn’t good. After 10 minutes I quit this nap because it was very uncomfortable. Again just 1.5 points.