Day 12 – Moods & Sugar

I am feeling refreshed and in good mood again after my core sleep. However I didn’t slept that good at the beginning but it normalizes after about an hour. I would gave the core sleep a maximum of 3 out of 5.

Speaking of mood, I have noticed that my moods during the E3 so far were mostly good. I can only remember of two stages where I actually was pretty annoyed of anything. The whole other time I was in good mood and pretty happy even if I was tired. That surprises me because I thought especially at the beginning of this experience I would be more edgy. I think the reason for this is that I am always feeling satisfied if I managed to get up after the core or was sleeping during a nap as well as the feeling afterwards when I was refreshed again.

Give me the Cookie!
Another thing I have noticed is that my sugar consume increased. I always loved sweet stuff but usually I can handle that. Nowadays I cant resist to eat any sweets. Maybe that’s because of the additional 4 hours where my brain is up and consumes more energy. But yet I am not eating between 8 pm and my second nap at about 7 am nor do I dink anything else than water. This is no problem and I am feeling not hungry at this time. But maybe my body wants to tell me this way that he needs more energy.