“Hello, friend. Hello friend? That’s lame. Maybe I should give you a name…”

Who am I?
You can call me Joe! I am a 30 year old male from Austria and work as an engineer.

What is this blog all about?
It’s about my experience with the Everyman polyphasic sleep schedule. I will try to give some insights of how I get along with it and how my body handles it.

What differs this from other polyphasic blogs?
Most blogs I read about only reflect their experience after they tried it out. This influences the reports and brighten some aspects which I don’t want to occur. Another point is that most of the reports are only subjective as they did not make any objective analysis.

What objective analysis will I perform?
As nearly everyone who successfully managed the Everyman sleep schedule claims that one can be much more focused on one task, I will try to get some results to check that. For this evaluation I will compare the results from the preliminary phase and during Everyman. I decided to use two Apps, a memory game and a math quiz. I will publish my scores continuously.

When will I start?
The experiment will start on the 4. February 2017 at 12pm with my first core sleep.