Day 27 – 2.5 Naps

So it really seems to be the case that I feel the impact of a very unusual day two days afterwards. I had a very loose schedule on Saturday where I took the core 4 hours later, so now I feel very tired. I almost needed an hour to get up after the core and it was really hard not to fall asleep in the first hours. After the first nap I felt even more tired until the first light of the day helped me to wake up.
The second nap were a little bit later than usual because I worked on something and didn’t look at the time. I slept deeply and woke up after a couple of minutes because I thought I overslept the alarm. That wasn’t the case and so I tried to fall asleep again.
My last nap was in the bathtub. But it only took a couple of minutes and I didn’t feel refreshed at all. So it was more like skipping the last nap.

Phase          Time                            Rate
Core              0:00 –   3:00 am         3
Nap 1            5:10 –   5:30 am         2
Nap 2            2:50 –   3:10 pm         2
Nap 3          10:20 – 10:30 pm         1

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