Day 25 & 26 – Short Trip

During the last two days I was visiting a friend to have BBQ with some other friends of mine. In total we were about 10 people and it was great fun. Telling them about my sleep schedule was also kind of fun because some of them were pretty interested in it.
However, I kept up the schedule during this weekend although it was very exhausting. Beside the flexible time for naps and the core sleeps, it was especially the alcohol and dope which makes the last two days hard. Here a short summary about each day:

Day 25
After the core I was pretty fit and started to pack for the trip. In differ to the last couple of times I wasn’t tired in the morning before my first nap. The traveling took about 3.5 hours and started at 10 am. This means that I took the second nap in the car where I was traveling. Although it was hard to sleep in it it was pretty good and I felt refreshed afterwards.
Before BBQ I was having my last nap for today. The first few hours I thought that I will stick with my usual schedule and wanted to go to sleep at around midnight. But I had a lot of fun so I decided to keep up a little bit longer. Long story short, I took my core sleep at 4 am in the morning!

Phase          Time                            Rate
Core              0:00 –  3:00 am         3
Nap 1            5:10 –  5:30 am         3
Nap 2            1:10 –  1:30 pm         2
Nap 3            6:20 –  6:40 pm         3

Day 26
Surprisingly getting up wasn’t a problem at all. I felt good although I drunk and smoked a lot. But I was also sure that it will have consequences later this day. After an hour I felt already a little bit tired so I decided to take my first nap pretty soon after the core. I was the right decision because afterwards I was fit.
After having breakfast we pack again and start traveling home. I again took my second nap in the car. Unfortunately a hard breaking brought me back from it after 12 minutes. I decided to not resume it.
During the last couple of hours I felt that I really getting tired. I went to bed at midnight and was instantly sleeping.

Phase          Time                            Rate
Core              4:00 –  7:00 am         3
Nap 1            5:10 –  5:30 am         2.5
Nap 2            1:30 –  1:45 pm         2
Nap 3            8:30 –  8:50 pm         3

The whole trip was pretty intense and the schedule was very flexible. But I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun!

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