Day 16 – 21 – Food Intoxication

So here I am again after having an unpleasant food intoxication from a pizza. It all started on day 16 afternoon where my girlfriend and I ordered a pizza from our favorite place. After finishing it I already began to feel unwell and then I got diarrhea.
However, as I became to feel sick I do not stick with my usual schedule. I slept as much as possible to give the body the chance to regenerate faster. Still, I felt that my body continues to use the E3 schedule and woke up around 3:00 am and feeling more tired on the usual nap times. Depending on my condition I stayed awake or took another sleep.
After passing the diarrhea on day 20 I still had some temperature and didn’t feel that good. But on the end of day 21 I already felt way better and everything got normal again!

This time wasn’t fun at all and I really felt wrecked. Increasing sleep in such times where my body needs it is a good way to handle such situation. However, after 3 days I felt that I do not need that much sleep although I wasn’t fit already. It began to be hard to fall asleep and get more sleep than in E3.
I think it was the right way to consume more sleep but now I also understand that my body tells me if I really needs more sleep than in my usual E3 schedule.

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