Day 14 – Wedding

After the core with the additional hour of sleep I felt fine again again. I had no problems getting up nor during the morning hours.
Today there was a wedding which started at 11 am. So nap 2 & 3 were already at the event. Nap 2 was held in the car. It was very hot in it and I didn’t have the chance to lay down in it so I sat the whole time. It was more like a deeply relaxation instead of a good sleep. The very same applies to nap 3 but instead of the car I was searching for an place to be unlocatable. I found one but there were just chairs for a nap. So the last nap here also wasn’t that awesome and I felt how I really got tired in the late afternoon.
As I was the driver at this event I was only consuming a beer.

Phase          Time                            Rate
Core            11:15 –  3:30 am         3
Nap 1            5:05 –  5:25 am         3
Nap 2            2:05 –  2:25 pm         2
Nap 3            7:40 –  8:00 pm         1.5

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