Day 13 – Tired

It seems that every time I had some bigger structure problems with my schedule (like skipping one nap) I will pay the price for it the second day after. Today was such a day and I felt terrible tired. Although getting up wasn’t a problem staying awake was. I always felt asleep a couple of times in the very morning as well as in the afternoon. This was also the reason why I decided to take an additional hour of sleep in the next core.

Beside this problems which were mostly at the beginning and the end of the day, I was climbing with friends. We climbed almost 3 hours and afterwards I was visiting them for lunch. I didn’t feel tired during this time- but afterwards.

Phase          Time                            Rate
Core            12:00 –  3:15 am         3
Nap 1            5:05 –  5:25 am         3
Nap 2            4:20 –  4:40 pm         2.5
Nap 3            8:15 –  9:35 pm         3

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