Third Day – Unusual Schedule

Getting up was fine. The core was pretty OK and I felt good afterwards. My third nap was a little bit unusual scheduled because I worked with another man on something together where I couldn’t leave. However, all naps were fine today!

I have some troubles to fall asleep on my naps. This haven’t anything to do with falling asleep but I often have some twitches which brings me back to the state at the very beginning. But overall I am very happy with my naps!

Phase          Time                          Rate
Core             0:05 – 3 :15 am           3.5
Nap 1           5:30 –  5:50 am           3
Nap 2           1:40 –  2:00 pm           3
Nap 3           9:50 – 10:10 pm          3

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