Day 50 – Just Tired

I met some friends on day 49 and we were out until 3 am. I was feeling good until I had to drive home. My throat was aching again and I only wanted to go to bed. After 3 hours my alarm was ringing and I got up. It wasn’t easy because I really felt tired. 2 points for this pretty late sleep.

I took the first nap pretty late at 10:00 am. I was mostly just dozing because I wasn’t tired at this time. I think that was because of the sun outside which was really shinny today. Just 2 points.
Right before the lunch I napped at 1:50 pm. It was somehow improved because I got already late for an appointment and I slept in a strange position on the couch. However, I got some sleep and felt refreshed. 2.5 points for this one.
Later that day I met up with a friend and I totally forgot to go for my third nap. I felt really tired at about 9 pm and after some more time I slept on his couch for 20 minutes. I was almost instantly asleep and after the alarm I was totally distracted and need some time to get fully awake. Afterwards on the couch I was so tired that I felt a few times asleep during some game play. Just 1 point for this one.

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