Day 48

I went to bed at 12:30 pm. This time I slept 4.5 hours to get fit again. After the alarm I was quickly awake. My first thought was that my guess with 4.5 hours was correct and I hit the spot where it is easy to get up. However, my body felt so tired that it was hard to move. I didn’t ever had such a strange feeling. I decided to keep on laying in the bed to give my body additional rest but was awake the whole time until 7:00 am. 2 points for this core.

My first nap was shortly after getting up at 7:40 am. I felt better after the nap but still was tired. 2.5 points for this nap.
The next nap was at 11:00 am. I took it a earlier than usual because of an appointment. The nap was deep but not very refreshing. 2.5 points.
Between my appointments I decided to take a short nap in the car. It wasn’t very comfortable and so I woke up after 10 minutes of dozing. 1.5 points for that try.
My last one was at 7:20 pm at home. I quickly felt asleep and after the alarm I was still very tired. Just 2 points for that.

Although I was pretty tired the whole day I feel that my cold is getting better. I hope that I get fully recovered soon and can resume with the usual E3 schedule.

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