Day 47

Well it happened again! I quitted my alarm and slept until 6:00 am without knowing anything about it. Why does this happen? I think there are two reasons for this. Obviously, the first is that I am still not fit. I feel that everything is exhausting and I am really tired in the evening. The second possible reason is that I ate some sweets at about 11:00 pm which was dropping my blood sugar level in the morning and doesn’t help to get up. In the end it may was a mix of both which brings me to a solution. No sweets at this time and increase my core sleep until I get fit again! 4:30 hours should be fine for that purpose as I often woke up by myself after an additional 90 minutes.

I took the first nap at 7:00 am. It is pretty close to the core but as I am still tired it was a good idea. After it I felt better and was ready to drive to work. 3 points.
After lunch I wanted to sleep right away but unfortunately I have to fix something for my college and I forgot about time. I took this nap at 3:00 pm. It wasn’t that refreshing and I felt tired afterwards. Just 1.5 points.
The third nap was also at work. Surprisingly I wasn’t that tired so I tested to nap at the table. I took my pillow and just lay my head onto it. It wasn’t good. After 10 minutes I quit this nap because it was very uncomfortable. Again just 1.5 points.

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