Day 46 – Unorganized Naps

At 11:00 pm I was getting really tired. I decided to go a little bit earlier to bed and sleep a little bit longer. I am still not fully fit and my body needs some more time to regenerate. So I slept three and a half hours until the alarm wakes me up at 3:00 am. My sleep was so deep that I heard the alarm about 5 minutes later. After quitting it I was feeling really tired. Sleeping longer may help me to regenerate but I totally missed the period where to get up easy. However, I dozed away again until 4:30 am. After that I was fully refreshed and getting up was pretty easy. I rated the core with a 2 but if I would rate it with the additional dozing it would be definitely better than average.

Although I felt awake the hole time after getting up I was tired right before the first nap at 5:20 am. I felt asleep after a couple of minutes and after the alarm I was very dozy. I am still not fully regenerate from my cold.
I worked quiet the whole day and almost forgot that I have an appointment at 2:00 pm. As soon as I recognize that, it was already too late to go for a nap so I decided to do it afterwards. Nap number two was at 3:50 pm and it only lasts about 15 minutes in a half sitting half laying position without earphones. As I again missed another appointment in the afternoon I had to nap very quickly and laying down wasn’t an option. Surprisingly it was quiet a deep dozing and I felt a little bit more refreshed afterwards, 2.5 points.
The third nap was again a little bit short. It started at 8:40 pm and only lasts for 10 minutes and wasn’t refreshing, 1.5 points. I don’t know why this happened but the whole day was a little bit messed up. I should definitely plan my day a little bit more to avoid such things like today!

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