Day 45 – Bad Start

I went to bed at midnight and had again some troubles to fall asleep instantly. But this time it was only about 15 minutes. After the alarm I was pretty tired at the very first but after standing up it wasn’t that hard anymore. Just 2 points for this core.

My fist nap was at 5:30 am right before it gets brighter outside. I napped with my earphones and it was pretty refreshing. I liked that after the nap it was already pretty bright outside. This gave me some additional power! 3 points for the nap.
The second one was at work at 2:00 pm. The last time I slept at work was about 2 weeks ago but it felt good right from the beginning. The nap wasn’t that deep nor was it very refreshing but something nice happened. I slept at the end of the 20 minutes but right before the alarm I felt how I woke up and gain energy. 3.5 points for this one.
My last nap for today was at home on the couch at 8:20 pm. The TV was running and my girlfriend was watching right beside me. I didn’t use my earphones because I want to get more used to that. To my surprise it worked pretty well. I couldn’t fall asleep but I had a really deep dozing and it was very relaxing. 3.5 points out of 5 to the nap without earphones.

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