Day 43 – Good Core

After getting really tired at around 11:00 pm I went to bed at midnight. I felt asleep after a couple of minutes until the alarm. Getting up wasn’t a problem and I really felt good. I was reading a book and I doesn’t feel tired at all. 4 points out of 5!

My first nap was at 6:00 am because it was already getting bright outside. The nap was good but I was a little bit tired afterwards. 3 points for this one.
After having lunch I was getting headache. It was very strong and I felt also very tired. I lay down at 12:30 am and was sleeping 20 minutes. In differ to every other nap before, I didn’t use earphones nor did I use an alarm. That wasn’t planned but I was so tired that I simply felt asleep. Interestingly I was awake after the usual nap time and I felt good afterwards. 3 points.
The last one was at 8:00 pm. I was only slightly sleeping but it was OK. 2.5 points for this nap.

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