Day 42

The alarm woke me up and I felt a little bit tired. I wanted to rest some few minutes in the bed before I get up but instead I felt asleep again until 5:00 am. With about 5 hours of sleep I got up and felt pretty good.

The first nap was already at 6:20 am because it was getting already pretty bright outside and I didn’t want to go for a nap when the sun came out. It took some minutes but I could fall asleep. Afterwards I wasn’t that fresh so only 2 points for this nap. I wonder if I can use the early sunrise to shorten the time until my first nap and use the sun to get fully awake afterwards.
I took the second nap a bit later at 2:00 pm. I was a little bit tired already and I felt asleep pretty fast. However, it wasn’t that refreshing neither so again just 2 points.
The last nap was at 7:00 pm. I was dozing most of the nap until I felt asleep. After the alarm I wasn’t that refreshed at first but after some minutes I felt good again. 2 points.

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