Day 41 – Almost Back

I went to bed at midnight but I didn’t feel tired and because of that I couldn’t sleep in the first 20 minutes. I wanted to sleep 3 hours and see how I would feel when I awake because I am still not fully fit again. After the alarm I was awake as usual but I felt that my body wasn’t that fit. So I decided to doze and sleep some more until my girlfriend gets up at 6:00 am. I think it wouldn’t have been a problem to get up at 3 but why risking to feel worse again?
After this extended sleep I felt awake and good. I think this was the right decision for me.

Because of the longer core I took the first nap at 8:20 am. Beside some breathing issues I had no problems to fall asleep. I rate this one with 2 points.
I skipped the second nap because I just wasn’t tired. But I felt that I needed the third one. I took it at 7:00 pm on the couch at home. It was good but not that refreshing which makes it a 2 out of 5 again.

I took all naps without my earphones today. The reason for this is that I am still at home and its very quite here. I want to get more used to nap without any white noise. Its still harder because I can hear every noise, especially until I really fall asleep but I think it is getting better!

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