Day 35 to 40 – Getting Fit Again

After waking up from the core on day 35 I knew that I am getting ill. I tried to sleep some more after the core but was only dozing. After having breakfast and the first nap my nose began to run and I really felt done. I skipped lunch and had another nap which first wasn’t that promising because I had troubles to breath through my nose. But it seems that I was really tired and therefore I felt asleep in a few minutes breathing through my mouth. After some more hours I was traveling home and just wanted to get rid of my headache and some more sleep.

At home I was hopping onto the couch and started dozing after taking some medicine. The next days I mostly was sleeping the hole day. I was completely done. Sleeping that much wasn’t a problem at all and I also forced it when I was longer awake than 2 hours. I hoped to get well sooner if I would just sleep more. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Now its day 40 and I still have some headache and a running nose but feeling much better than the last days. Because of the excessive sleep I didn’t used the E3 schedule. I just slept as much as possible. However, I wanted to nap three times today to get again back into the usual cycle.
Nap one was just dozing because I slept the whole night. At the end of the second nap I slept a little but not longer as five minutes. I skipped the last nap after 5 minutes as I just wasn’t tired at all and couldn’t sleep anyway.

I really hope that I can adopt to E3 again without the troubles from the first week!

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