Day 33

Before I went to bed I was drinking a beer with friends. I wasn’t sure if I should drink alcohol today because I felt that my throat aches. However I finally drank 0.33 liter beer and afterwards I went to bed at 12:00 pm. I was feeling tired and I was happy to sleep. After the alarm I was feeling awake but my throat still hurts. So I decided to stay in the bed and relax.

After having breakfast I almost forgot to nap. Because of an appointment I already was a little bit late. I took it at 7:20 am and after 15 minutes I already woke up. I think this was because of the time pressure I put on myself. Anyway, I felt refreshed afterwards. 3 points.
The second one was after lunch at 1:00 pm. I went back to the hotel and took the nap. Again it only was 15 minutes and it was still refreshing making it 3 points again. That’s somehow interesting that 15 minutes also seems to be sufficient. But I am not willing to cut that down.
Full 20 minutes lasts the third nap today. It was more relaxing because I haven’t any time pressure at this nap. I felt relaxed and refreshed but still an average nap which i rated with 3 points out of 5.

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