Day 31

I was tired from the weekend so I went to bed at 12:00 pm and set the alarm to 3:00. I slept right away and had a deep sleep. The alarm woke me up and I was feeling refreshed. But I made a huge mistake and didn’t stay up. I thought I would just doze a couple of minutes but as the alarm of my girlfriend was ringing I knew that I was way to late. I stood up at 5:30 am. Fortunately I was feeling good after this and not crushed. I rated it with a 3.

Actually, I skipped the first nap today as I slept way to long at my core. But this maybe wasn’t the best idea. After some hours I really felt tired. I think it would have been the best to just lay down for a nap although I wasn’t tired at this time.
The fist nap (usually the second) was at 1:15 pm. I was already pretty tired but the nap was just an average nap so I rate it with a 3.
I took the last nap at home. This time my girlfriend wasn’t at home so I decided to play the white noise over the speakers instead of the in-earphones. After 5 minutes my girlfriend was coming home and didn’t recognize that I was sleeping without my in-ears. I tried to just doze some more minutes until the alarm but after she was turning on the electric kettle I couldn’t sleep any longer. Just 2 points for this nap.

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