Day 28

Right before the core I was getting tired. I was starting to feel the training from the forenoon. I felt asleep fast and was sleeping deep. After 3 hours the alarm woke me up and felt good. But it still was an average good sleep so 3.5 points are sufficient for this core sleep.

After having breakfast I took my first nap for today at 7:10 am. It was an average nap where I felt good afterwards. 3 points.
The second was a little bit under pressure because of an appointment. I took it at 1:50 pm. Unfortunately I couldn’t fall asleep but was able to manage to do some valuable dozing. However, I wasn’t that refreshed after this nap so I rated it with a 2.5.
Later at home I took the third nap at 7:00 pm. I felt asleep after a couple of minutes and feeling prepared for a 3.5 hour drive to meet some friends over the weekend.

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