Day 27

After falling asleep quickly at 12:20 pm I was sleeping well. The alarm woke me at 3:35 am which makes it again 3:15 hours of sleep. I felt good but getting up was a little bit hard today. I rate it with 3 points.

My first nap was at 7 am. It was deep and I felt good afterwards. Pretty standard nap so I rated it with 3 points.
The second was in the office at 1:40 pm. It was a surprisingly deep sleep. I was almost instantly sleeping and my alarm wokes me in a deeper phase of my sleep. I don’t know why because I shouldn’t be in that kind of deeper sleep after 20 minutes. However, I was feeling really confused the first minutes after it. But then I was feeling awake and good. I rated it with a 3.5.
My last nap was again in the office at 7:45pm. It wasn’t a good one as it was hard to fall asleep. But it was refreshing me again to keep awake the rest of the day. I rated it with a 3.

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