Day 26

Today it was harder to get up because I didn’t fall asleep quickly and therefore I lost some minutes for the core sleep. I again felt asleep after the alarm and got up one hour later. However, the sleep was OK and so I rate it with 3 points.

The first nap was at 7 am and it only took 15 minutes because I awake earlier. I don’t know why this happens but I was refreshed after it so I rate it with 3.5 points.
I forgot to carry my earphones with me so it was a little bit strange to nap this time. Background noises making it really hard for me to fall asleep because most of them are not periodically. Luckily this time it was pretty quiet and I even found some sleep. I took this nap at 2 pm and rated it with 3.5 points as it was an average sleep.
The last nap was at home with my earphones again at 8:10 pm. I couldn’t fall asleep and was dozing the whole time. It was still somehow refreshing and I managed it without problems until the next core. I rated it with 3 points.

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