Day 23

After getting tired at about 11 pm I went to bed at 11:45 pm. I slept 3 hours and 15 minutes and after my alarm was waking me up I was feeling refreshed and good. I was happy that this time everything worked out. I started reading for one and a half hour and still felt fit. I rate this sleep with a solid 4!

After some further reading and doing some tasks until my girlfriend woke up I took the first nap at 7:55 am. I almost instantly felt asleep and woke up one minute before the alarm. I feeling pushed and very happy! First time I rate a nap with a 5!
I took the second nap at 1:30 pm in the office. It was again a great nap! I felt deeply asleep and awake right before the alarm. Only the circumstance that I slept on the floor make it only 4.5 points. Again I felt very awake afterwards and had no problems to perform difficult tasks.
The last nap for today was also in the office as I worked a little bit longer. I took it at 7:10 pm and in contrast to both previously I was only dozing this time. As expected I wasn’t that refreshed afterwards but still good.

Have been long since my last training. Usually I train more often but I wanted to fully recover before the next training to see if it would take longer than usual. However, I don’t think that there is any difference. I had muscle sorrow two to three days afterwards which is OK by the fact that I didn’t train regularly. I did exactly the same exercises as on my first training to take a look if there is any performance gain. There was! I will train more often now to see if this will continue and draw conclusions about it with respect to precious logs to see if the performance gain will be similar.
After training I was still fit but after 10 pm I felt that my last nap wasn’t that well.

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