Day 20 – First Dream

For the first time after twenty days of Everyman I remember that I was dreaming. The reason for this is simple. I changed the core duration of my sleep schedule to 3.5 hours instead of 3 which was too much and I was again in a REM phase. This was also the reason why it was really hard getting up today. I rated it with a 2.5.
However I will decrease this again to 3 hours and 15 minutes. Which may is again too much but lets test it! I still wondering why 3 hours all of a sudden are harder to deal with compared to my second week. Maybe my body somehow optimized it or I simply falling earlier asleep which theoretically would mean I have to decrease the 3 hours. But before I will try this I will definitely go for additional minutes. On the other hand it could also mean that I cant get along with this sleep schedule the hole time. Lets see how the next days will illuminate me!

The first one was at 6:40 am and I was happy to have it. I felt tired and falling asleep very soon. After a deep sleep I fall back into a light sleep and I felt that I could now just awake before the alarm was ringing. However, I was not willing to do so and I tried to get some more sleep. But almost the same time the alarm was ringing and I stood up. Next time I will try to just get up when I think its time for because every time this happens I was feeling pretty refreshed afterwards. The nap gets a 3.
I was in another office today where I have a couch but I forgot to bring my pillow with me. Sleeping without it was OK but not as comfortable as with it. I took this nap later than usual because I was absorbed with some work. Anyhow, I napped at 1:50 pm and felt asleep quickly. This time my sleep was deeper and only my alarm was waking me up. I felt good afterwards so I rate it with a 4.
The last nap was at 7:20 pm. I was alone at home so I decided to nap without earphones. Unfortunately, this didn’t work as expected. I was just dozing the whole 20 minutes and I wasn’t that refreshed afterwards. 2 points.

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