Day 18

I felt asleep soon and slept deep until the alarm rings. Maybe a little bit too deep as I didn’t come up. I felt asleep again and arise at 5 am. I felt totally crushed and tired. I rated it with a 2.5.

After the bad start I needed a good nap. The first one was good but not superior. I felt more awake than previously but still a little bit tired which makes it a 3.5 out of 5 points.
The second one was just the same. I slightly postponed it to 1:30 pm because of lunch. It was somehow OK but not a real good nap. Again 3.5 points.
I also postponed the third nap a little bit because of an appointment. I already was pretty tired when I was going for it at 7:50 pm. Again, the nap wasn’t that refreshing and I rated it with 3.5 points.

Seems like something happens here. My sleeps aren’t that refreshing anymore. I don’t know what exactly changed from my previous behavior but I have to figure it out if its continuing.

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