Day 17

This time I didn’t fall asleep in a few minutes. Maybe the reason was because of the late nap on the previous day. However, the sleep was deep as almost always but getting up was harder this time. The alarm was ringing twice which never happened before and I was laying some additional minutes awake in the bed. Overall I rate it with a 3.

The first one this day wasn’t good neither. Although my cold got better, I had nasal breathing troubles which kept me slightly dozing and not falling asleep at all. It was the worst nap since a long time. Rated with just 1 point.
The second one was again at the office and was just right. I felt tired which makes it easy to fall asleep pretty fast. After waken I was feeling refreshed and good. Definitely 4.5 points.
Because I was staying longer, my third nap was again in the office but this time in another room in another position. Took me some more minutes until I felt asleep but every time I did, I woke up because my hands were falling from my chest. So most of the time I was dozing and after 16 minutes I got up because I was feeling refreshed again. Just can’t rate it any higher than 2.5 out of 5.

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