Day 16

The core sleep after the sauna was great. I felt asleep instantly and waking up afterwards was no big problem. I give this sleep a 4.5.

After getting up I was again reading a book. It was almost possible to continue reading until 6. I took breakfast with my girlfriend afterwards. My first nap was at 7:10 am. It was very refreshing but still I was a little bit dozy so I rate it with a 4.
This time I took some more time to calm down after lunch to be sure to fall asleep very fast. It worked perfectly. I lay down at 1:40 pm and I almost instantly felt asleep. That was the first time that it worked that well at the office. I felt good afterwards and so I rate it with a solid 4.
Unfortunately, the last nap had to be postponed because of an appointment. To be honest, I didn’t thought much about it and how long it would take so I didn’t consider to nap earlier. The appointment was at 6 pm and it took almost until 10 pm. I felt how I was getting more and more tired. After coming home it was almost half past 10 pm. I thought it may be a convenient time to omit a nap. But on the other hand I was already so tired that I wouldn’t make it until midnight. So I took another nap at 10:30 pm. It felt good and afterwards it was no problem to stay awake. 4 point out of 5.

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