Day 15 – Sauna

Can’t believe that already the third week has started. Maybe that’s because I felt so tired the first one that I almost forgot it already. However, since the last week I am pretty fine with the E3 and feeling good. Sadly my cold still continue and I feel tired today. So a day at the sauna seems to fit just right!

My core was as usual. I felt asleep in a couple of minutes and after the alarm was ringing I was feeling refreshed. Again a solid 4 out of 5 possible points. I started to read a book afterwards and it was no problem to continue it the next two hours. Pretty impressive if I think back to my first week where I could hardly read any longer than 10 minutes. But I have to admit that I got pretty tired afterwards. As it was still just 5 am and my next nap was at least one hour away I did some cleaning hoping to feel refreshed again.

I took the first nap at 6:20 am as I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I almost instantly felt asleep and as my alarm was ringing I felt good the first few minutes. But after this first impression my tiredness came back and hit me hard. Can’t rate this nap any better than a 2. Somehow I could make it through until the sun rises and after this I felt OK again.
The second nap was after our lunch and as my girlfriend and I wanted to start right away to get into the sauna. Unfortunately I should have waited a little bit longer after the lunch because I just didn’t feel that tired. I experienced this previously that I need some more minutes after lunch to get a good nap. In the end it wasn’t the best nap as it took some minutes more falling asleep and I still felt a little bit tired. I scored it with a 3 points.

After we arrived I was really excited. I had no idea how I will react to the heat during having a sauna and the cold shower after that. It turned out it was easy to doze during it whereas falling asleep was harder because of the hotness as well as the ambient sounds. I thought I would be still or even more tired after it but the cold water shower afterwards were pretty refreshing. I took the last┬áregular nap at about 7 pm without my earphones and without any alarm. Again the ambient sounds made it hard to fall asleep but in the end I was sleeping. I awake after a couple of minutes (I have no idea how long I was really asleep) and I was feeling good. It wasn’t the best nap so 3 points are the max.
Although all naps today were not the best I really enjoyed the dozing during the saunas. I hope it also was helping me to get rid of my cold soon!

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