Day 14 – naps

The first nap was pretty early after my core sleep at 6:40. Although I was just two and a half hours awake I felt that I was getting already tired again. Its somehow my first down at this time which is not unusual. But I mostly just getting through this phase and nap later on. The nap was very refreshing so I gave it a 4 out of 5 points.
Same as the day before I postponed the second nap. The reason for this was an appointment in the afternoon and I wanted as much time as possible feeling awake in the third stage of my day. I took it at 14:20 and it was again fine, 4 points.
Initially I wanted to take my third nap after the appointment but sitting around for longer periods making me tired. Luckily it wasn’t a big problem to take a 20 minutes nap at a secondary room. Unfortunately I forgot my in-earphones and because of some noises I couldn’t fully fall asleep. Interestingly this wasn’t a big issue. I felt awake and in a good condition after the nap. However I rated it with a 2 as I just felt asleep a few seconds (or at least it felt so).

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