Day 13 – naps

As I mentioned on the previous post I was very tired this morning. I took the first nap at 6:30 am. I felt instantly asleep but afterwards I still wasn’t that awake. I think that’s because I caught a little cold (basically a running nose) and this additionally stressing my body. However, I rate this nap with a 3.5.
I shifted the second one to 2:30 pm because after the sun was rising I felt fit again. The nap wasn’t that deep and I woke up earlier. Anyways, it did the trick and I felt good afterwards. Still, I would only rate it with a 3.
The last nap today is again a little bit shifted. This time preposed because I will meet up with a friend. I think the hardest constraint in this sleep schedule is to deal with social interactions as it is difficult to find a schedule that fits to all possible appointments. Sometimes its also annoying to explain what I do so I don’t talk about it that often and try to anticipate it by fitting my daily schedule. Anyways, I took it at 6:40 pm and it was a solid 4. I was feeling awake again but the sleep itself wasn’t that deep.

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