Day 12 – naps

I took the first nap earlier than my old schedule namely at 6:20 am. I almost instantly felt asleep and as the alarm was ringing I was still a little bit drowsy. But what I like most of this new timing is that the sun rises already and the natural light from outside brings some extra freshness. The nap was a 4 because of the somehow hard awakening.
The second and the third nap were comparable with the first one. In both I was falling quickly asleep and again I felt drowsy afterwards. The reason for my drowsiness maybe is because I slept at home and falling asleep worked pretty fast so I really took the whole 20 minutes. There is a chance that this 20 minutes are too much and I will to reduce it a little bit to see if this works to be well rested afterwards. Both naps can be rated as a solid 4.

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