Day 11 – the day after climbing

After the third nap yesterday I was climbing in a climbing gym. I felt good but still a little bit dashed from the physical work on the weekend. I still think that this would also be the case if I would have an usual sleep schedule. However, falling asleep at 12 pm wasn’t a problem while getting up is another story. It was very hard to get up and staying awake during the first period of my day. May I should have taken a walk but I couldn’t motivate myself to do so. I can’t wait for the first nap!

As previously mentioned, I was pretty tired so I took the first at 6:20 am. Unfortunately my girlfriend also stood up at about this time and I could hear some sounds until I fall asleep. Anyway I am now feeling very refreshed although I did not take the full 20 minutes to sleep. It is still somehow more dozing as falling asleep deeply which makes me wonder if this could be improved any further.
I shifted my second nap a little bit backwards because I was not feeling that tired on the scheduled time. After finishing some tasks I took it at 1:40 pm. The nap was OK but not fully refreshing. I think I should rate my naps from now on to make it clearer. If I would rate this one from 1 to 5 whereas 5 would be best, I would give it a 2.
After coming home from work I took the last nap at 7:30 pm. Right before the nap I was firing the stove and took a blanket to heat me up. Not because I was feeling cold but for the effect it have. The body will reduce its activity because otherwise he would overheat. This helped me to fall easily asleep. Still, the sleep wasn’t that deep so I would rate it with 3.5.

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