Day 10

Extending my core sleep with about 30 minutes wasn’t a good idea. I was very tired after my alarm was ringing and after turning it of I decided to wait a couple of seconds until I get up. I do that often and had never troubles to get up 5 minutes later. But this time I felt asleep instantly and slept another hour until I managed to get up. Right now I am feeling really tired. I think that I will stick to my 3 hours core as I am most of the time very refreshed afterwards. However, the start in this day was pretty harsh.

I took the first at 7:20 am. This is rather late regarding to my tiredness but I enjoyed having breakfast with my girlfriend. The nap was good. Not very refreshing but still OK. However, the sunrise gives me an additional kick to start my second stage.
The second one was again on schedule at 1:20 pm. It was right after my lunch and it wasn’t that refreshing as I hoped. I think the high amount of sugar at lunch caused this and I should have waited a little bit longer till my body calms down. This reminds me to listen more to my body and vary my naps a little bit to make the most out of them.
The third nap seems to be the hardest one to be scheduled proper. Yet again I had to prepone this one to 5:50 pm to keep an appointment for climbing. This one wasn’t that good as well so it lines up perfectly to the other two this day. Seems that I am not already fully adjusted to the new sleep schedule. D’oh!

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