Day 9 – short recap

As usual, I woke up at 3 am. I was expecting to be tired because I tried to sleep a full phase on the day before. But surprisingly I was very refreshed. After getting up I was able to read from a book without having the feeling to fall asleep.

The first nap was at 6:00 am and was good. I needed to shift that one a little bit earlier because of an early appointment. The second one was right on schedule but wasn’t that refreshing. Someone had birthday and there was cake. I wont will eat cake right before a nap anymore because it makes me lively. The third nap was way out of schedule. I took it at 5:20 pm because of an appointment afterwards which was taking too long to postpone the nap. I slept well this time and was refreshed. But this was taking its toll. After 9 pm I was so tired I could only stay awake hardly. So I decided to go a little bit earlier to sleep and did so at 11:30 pm.

Recap of the first week
I do the Everyman sleep schedule since 9 days now and I think I adopted already to it. I am feeling good yet sometimes tired. Working longer periods is still hard but manageable. Although I feel most of the time refreshed and awake I can’t deny that my concentration level is not a as high as usual. I hope this will get better this week!

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