Day 7 – hard physical work

Today will be an interesting day because I have a lot of physical work to do. I am not sure how my body will handle this. However, I was feeling very tired around 10pm on day six so I decided to sleep an extra hour in the core sleep. I started one hour earlier to keep my awake time the same. Although I awake shortly after a hour this worked well and I felt very refreshed afterwards.

I took the first nap at 6:20 am. I slept well and was ready for the work. The second nap was at 1:30 pm and I felt asleep in a few minutes. I was feeling very refreshed and ready for work. The last nap I took was on 7:20 pm. Because I already was very tired I felt easily asleep. Two hours after the last nap I was feeling so tired that I decided to go to bed earlier than usually. Further, I was targeting a full sleep until 6 am to refresh my body from this hard physical work. I felt almost instantly asleep at 10:30 pm.

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