Day 6

This time it was pretty hard to leave the bed. I needed 10 minutes to do so but didn’t need a second alarm. I am feeling a little bit tired but OK. No headache anymore and it seems that even the feeling of sickness/having temperature is gone. Reading a book is not a big problem anymore and so I enjoy reading till the first part of my day!

I took the first nap about one hour earlier as my schedule suggests because I am not a morning person and I think I need the first nap sooner. I will stick to this the next days to check if this works out.
The second one was very refreshing. I felt asleep in a few minutes and afterwards I felt very good. The longer gap between those two naps feels right. Lets see if this will continue.
I took the last one at the usual time but had troubles falling asleep. Maybe that was because of the timing. I arrived at home and wanted directly to take this nap to keep up with the schedule. I think this wasn’t a good decision because I was still very active and would have needed some time to come down.

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