Day 5

The night (core sleep) was good, no troubles to fall asleep as well as to get up again. I was still tired but after a shower it became a bit easier.

The first nap was OK, I felt asleep in about 10 minutes and was refreshed afterwards. Still, I am unsure if I have a REM phase in there or I just dozing.
After having launch I took a nap at work. Unfortunately someone came in the room where I was trying to fall asleep and interrupted me in a way I couldn’t find sleep anymore until the alarm rings. I felt not as refreshed as on the other naps but still better than before. This leads me of doubting if I ever manage to fall into REM sleep during naps.
Back at home I was ready for another nap. No one was disturbing this time but I couldn’t fall asleep continuously. Yet I was feeling refreshed and good again. This letting me thinking if I really need a REM phase on the naps at all. Maybe some kind of meditation is also sufficient. However, I hope the next day will give me some better quality naps.

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