Day 3 – wake up!

Getting up after my third core sleep was definitely the hardest so far. At least my headache is gone and after a hour of walking I finally feel fresh. During my walk I was thinking about to make my sleeping schedules a little bit more flexible. The reason for this is simple, I observed that my tiredness coming in a certain rhythm. Why shouldn’t I use this to fall asleep even faster? Right before this core sleep began, I was so tired that I almost felt asleep on the couch. About 30 minutes later, where the cycle began, I wasn’t that tired anymore and it took me longer to fall asleep again (about 15 minutes). The very same behavior applies to naps. So why not using those times of tiredness to begin a sleep?

According to this, I will make my schedule a little bit more flexible and use my tiredness as an indicator to determine when I will start my sleep phases. I also need some kind of an upper limit where I will sleep anyway, to avoid bypassing a whole sleep phase.

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