Day 3 – naps

First nap
I mentioned on the previous post that I wanted to vary the schedule a little bit to fit it better to my needs. However, I didn’t for the first nap as I thought it would perfectly fit in. It turns out that it wasn’t but I think this was my fault because I didn’t use my earplugs with listening to white noise. It felt like I couldn’t fall asleep but I did after about 10 to 15 minutes. After awaking I was terrible tired! To my surprise I was awake as soon as I was sitting in my car driving to work (luckily). During the forenoon I don’t have any bigger issues to stay concentrated and I was also able to read some scientific papers without problems. Headache is also no problem anymore!

Second nap
This is the very first time I took a sleep at work. I brought my pillow with me and tried out if its more comfortable napping on the desk or on the carpet. The carpet won and so I made myself a bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t slept that well. It was hard to falling asleep and as I did someone came into the office and disturbed my nap. I forgot to lock the door, shame on me. After this I got 10 minutes of sleep as I didn’t tried it again after waking up. Nevertheless, I was feeling refreshed and had no problems concentrating onto tasks.

Third nap
Arriving at home just in time to get the last nap. I was feeling that I was tired and was happy to get some sleep. Sadly, I couldn’t sleep but dozing. Interestingly, I was feeling multiple times when I was falling asleep. I didn’t recognize this that intense earlier. It was like feeling that my brain disconnects from my body to prevent uncontrollable movements. But every time this happens I woke up again. However, I am feeling well. No tiredness, no headache, no concentration issues. Looking forward for a restful night and some REM.

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