The second day

The core sleep
After coming back from my friends I was already pretty tired but I kept on being awake until midnight. I was falling asleep pretty soon (maybe 5-10 minutes) and had a very deep sleep. The alarm wakes me up as well as my girlfriend, I got up and wasn’t well rested. This time I decided not to go for a walk. Instead I was starting to read a book. This was very hard to accomplish as reading makes me feel more tired. Lets see how the next few hours will be. Nevertheless, I am happy to have breakfast with my girlfriend right before the first nap happens. Usually I never having breakfast with her during the week so I am excited to do so today.

First nap
After the a nice breakfast (where only coffee was missing) I went for the first nap. It was easy to fell asleep after a few minutes which was really nice. Unfortunately, I woke up to early as my white noise I listened to stops playing (not sure why because the track is about 10 hours long). I am using this noise to distract me from other surrounding sounds as well as to train myself falling instantly asleep by hearing it. To awake because of the missing noise is OK while suddenly stopping the track isn’t. Anyhow, I feel fresh and ready to do some work!

Second nap
Yet again, I had to delay my nap because of a meeting. Luckily it only was about 20 minutes and I fell asleep after 5 minutes. Afterwards I was pretty refreshed!

Third nap
Worked out well, took me about 10 minutes to fell asleep and I woke up instantly after the alarm started.

I am still struggling with the tiredness. Sometimes I could fall asleep instantly and at the very next moment I am awake and feel good. It is also very hard for me to keep my focus like today where I read some scientific papers for work. I hope this will soon change otherwise I am not able to work consistently.
Another annoying side effect is headache. It started yesterday evening and continued till now and varies in the intensity. Usually I do not have any headache (few or far between). Hope things getting better soon!

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