Last Day before E3

Every experiment have a start, but how to start E3? The reduction of sleep has some consequences, especially in the first days. So how to switch most gently from a 7-8 hour schedule to a 4 hour schedule? I tried to sleep longer than usual this day to be fit and have no troubles to keep up until 12 pm (which anyway should be no problem as I am a night owl). However, I succeeded sleeping a bit longer and I actually feel pretty good. Doing some nap in the afternoon could also help but as I am not used to it I did not try it out. I am very excited to start!

Core Sleep Precautions
As my first core sleep will happen from 0:00 to 3:00 I set my alarm clock to 23:40 and 3:00. This gives me some extra time to prepare me before falling asleep. I also picked my clothes already which I will wear tomorrow to minimize disturbances to my girlfriend after the alarm. Usually my sleep is very light and I hope I can turn the alarm off right before my girlfriend notice it (otherwise she will slap me until I wake up).

Last Evaluations
Although I did not publish any results from the tests I ran yet, I will perform some more test runs to get more data for comparison. I did also a blood test on Friday which should give me some additional information. I will do another one after a couple of weeks and see if E3 would have influence on the values.

A Little Hike
As I am getting more and more exited I decide to do a short hike to calm down. It was very ice today but I finally arrived at the summit and did enjoy the sun there. The picture of this post gives an idea how nice it was up there today!

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