How it Began

My current monophasic sleep schedule uses something around 6-7 hours of sleep but I do have some problems with it. Most of the time I can’t sleep through and hardly find sleep again afterwards. In addition to that, it takes me about half or a full hour to fall asleep.

So I was searching for another solution to adopt my sleeping habits into a more fitting schedule. I read about polyphasic sleep patterns and I decide to give it a shot. After doing some research I decide to use Everyman with 3 naps as it seems to be the less toughest. It provides 4 hours of sleep and the schedule can be mostly adopted without a problem to my social live. The most appealing effect beside getting more lifetime is that it  almost everyone who successfully accomplished it, reports that even after switching back to monophasic sleep it is easy to fall asleep almost instantly. So even if I can’t handle this schedule over a longer period I would benefit from this effect (at least I hope so).

The Everyman with 3 naps is also called E3 and has the following structure:


The core sleep is about 3 hours and the naps are limited to 20 minutes. This makes it a total of 4 hours of sleep. I mentioned the core sleep is about 3 hours but some suggesting that this is very individual and should be adopted to the personal needs (up to 3.5 hours). I will start with 3 hours and depending on how I feel when I wake up I will adopt it to see if it will feel better.

My personal schedule looks like this:
core      0:00 –   3:00
nap1     7:20 –   7:40
nap2   13:20 – 13:40
nap3   19:20 – 19:40

I can take the first nap before I will drive to work and the second one after the lunch. Usually, we do not have any appointments at this time and luckily my employer will not mind it. Depending on the work and the traffic I decide to take the third nap at work or at home. According to most sources, it is necessary to stay with the scheduled time slots but I am pretty sure that I have to adopt some naps depending on my social life.

Final thoughts on E3
I am a typical night owl and I hate it to stay up early. However, if I wake up after a couple of hours I feel often pretty fresh which makes me confident to get up at 3:00 am without bigger problems. Nevertheless, naps are a whole other story. I never practice naps and the usual time I need to fall asleep doesn’t convince me neither.

Considering the size of this post I will make a cut here and write some more details during my regular posts.

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